Mainstage Techno

by Danny Avila


Hard hitting techno has long been married to dark nightclubs. Basslines snake through underground bunkers, and kick drums thump through warehouse party spots. But what if this underground sound could light up the world’s biggest arenas? Enter – Mainstage Techno. Danny Avila’s latest interpretation on techno takes the white-knuckled strength of the best techno records – the kick, the bass, the hardness – and reimagines them for massive crowds. It’s the sound of the underground music he grew up performing, yet bolder. Think: state of the art techno and its deep-in-the-club sonics, but tailor made for thumping across the main stage. Premiered in 2021 at Tomorrowland’s Around The World festival, Mainstage Techno brings Avila’s underground roots together with massive presence. It’s music made to be played on huge stages with massive crowds. And more than anything, it’s a journey – one taking Avila back to his DJing roots and the tracks he loves, with all of the knowledge gained from performing to hundreds of thousands of crowds. Welcome to Mainstage Techno and Danny Avila’s next progressive era.

Premiered at the latest edition of the digital festival Around the World by renowned Tomorrowland, DJ MAG Top 100 DJ (ranked #38) Danny Avila introduces a fresh and new sound that has never been heard before: Mainstage Techno. Having spent over a year working on this advanced, unprecedented style, its innovative, dynamic and powerful tonality is essentially distinguished by the unique combination of state-of-the-art elements of techno music paired with full-on, cutting-edge progressive features, which together create an insanely energetic mix. No wonder Armada Music immediately signed all the first singles.