Marco Macaco


I was about 16 years old and having a good time in my hometown Almería, in Spain. We decided to make a tour through different nightclubs and “tapas” bars (Tapas are the small appetizers they give you in Spain – normally to a beer or a glass of wine). And there was this club. One song, I don’t really know the name… But it was really like coming in and entering a new world with a new ambience. The DJ was playing a mixture of Tech house and “Dirty Dutch”. I asked him immediately if I could have a look and asked him what he was doing with all the knobs. Two years later, after teaching myself (more or less) how to DJ, I had my first gig in a german club in Dortmund. It was a Friday 18th December, right a few weeks after my 18th birthday.

Since then I’m now nationally (and a bit internationally) known, getting a better technique from time to time because of my residencys, my creativity and my personality. The crazy one!

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