Nicola Napolitano, aka Elvis Shade is a young DJ and producer of electronic music was born in Nola in the year 1995.

In 2010 he began to study the production of sound individually, as a result in 2011 was born the name of Elvis Shade. In 2012, Elvis Shade began to attend the most renowned clubs in Milan and later (in chronological order) in cities such as Naples, Genoa, Florence, Rome and Cosenza. In 2013 began to get noticed by many national and FM radio not only as Radio Dee Jay and M2O, discovered by Amerigo Provenzano.

In May 2014 release of the edit Bounce Generation of TJR and winemakers, published on Spinnin 'Records, in collaboration with Dustin Lenji and Adinde, thus became the most played song on his SoundCloud channel and subsequently supported by the duo Blasterjaxx. He recently released edit of Tremor and made a new little success supported by djs: Martin Garrix and Will Sparks.

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