B Jones BN

Born in Siberia, adopted by Naples, Italy since she was 18 years old, where she started her dj’s career till to  the very important meeting with the Daddy’s Groove guys.

Strong, focused and with a unique style, in a very short time she headlines some great festivals like MATES, ROCK IN ROMA, RELOAD MUSIC FESTIVAL, PROJECT X, CITY FEST, also as important opening acts for the like of MARTIN GARRIX; DON DIABLO, PENDULUM just to name but a few.

Her attitude, her stylish image, and her overall sounf, catched the interest of many international brands like ANNY DEEP, ITALIAN INDEPENDET,  MARTINI, HOGAN and many more.

Her dj set are characterized by a fusion between an hot House Music sound with a catchy sexy groove.

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