Muziek Records is a special record label

19th March 2012: We start Muziek Colours with a special compilation of various artists to show all the world, that we can touch from start many lovers of electronic music.

By time: Muziek Colours focus the mostly time to look for the best quality of music and looking to touch all styles of music between Progressive House // Trance Music // Dance Club Music // Pop House & Progressive // Vocal Club Music and many more...

Muziek Colours is a school of many talents producers & vocalists and as the owner of Muziek Colours, i am full happy to see more of my producers working with huge big record labels.

Between 2014 & 2015, we focus our time to make a special street for our record label to make innovations for our fans.

We create compilations since the start of our record label, but now we are professional with many friend labels to amoliorate this idea to attract many worldwide followers & fans.

As the owner of Muziek Colours, I am happy to collaborate with BN-Radio to make many new ideas.

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