Remember this name: Miss Melera

For, as the past few decades have shown, when it comes to dance music, the world follows Holland’s lead. And right now, no new star shines as bright as our own Miss Melera.

For the past 10 years, the Haarlem-based Miss Melera has been perfecting her art, and developing mixing skills that have already been compared to legends such as Sasha and John Digweed. She’s done her homework, absorbing the essence behind traditional genres such as progressive, deep and tech house and old-school techno, and then twisting them into a melodic confection that is both fresh and timeless, and completely her own.

A triple threat, Miss Melera is as at home in the studio as she is on the airwaves, in the DJ booth at an underground club, or on the stage of an outdoor massive. Her monthly radio show on soundcloud, Colourizon, is increasingly popular, and her fast-growing fan base is eagerly awaiting her first EP, Stare/Stunning, which has been released by Parquet Recordings on November 1st 2013.

Her upcoming tour will give a global audience a chance to experience what savvy music lovers in Miami, Berlin, Tokyo, and, of course, Amsterdam already have. As they can attest, when you’re under Miss Melera’s spell, you won’t be able to stop moving, and you won’t be able to wipe a giant smile off your face. Consider yourself warned.

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