From London, to LA, to Shanghai, with a DJ career spanning almost 2 decades, Spencer Tarring is one of the worlds most exciting Producers & DJ’s. As M1NT Shanghai’s Music Director and resident DJ, he pioneers a sound that not only defines a record label, but an entire city. Voted best DJ in Shanghai 2 years running and with releases being supported by some of the biggest artists in the world, Spencer Tarring is someone with his eye set on nothing short of making dancemusic history. Based out of Shanghai, China, Vous Records was born as a brainchild of Spencer’s musical influence, signing carefully selected Artists sharing his passion, drive and style for the ever evolving genre of House Music.

This Is Vous takes you on a journey into his exhila rating world of music, sharing some of the freshest releases from Vous Records, tracks from Spencer’s latest shows, and of course promos and demos sent from aspiring producers & DJ’s from all over the Globe.

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